Attendance is limited to 10 participants 

Location: Kelly Park/Rock Springs, Apopka, Florida (about 45 minutes from the Orlando International Airport)

Dates: February 19, 20, and 21. 2020

Times: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Cost: $1350 a person

 If interested, email: for payment options

This three day Systemic Modeling course builds on the Clean for Teams 2 Day Workshop that was offered in the United States in April and October 2018 (and in November 2019 with Marian Way) and is both a continuation of practice and application for past participants as well as an opportunity for a few participants new to this training but already interested in Clean Language for use in teams.

This course is for past participants continuing down the facilitator path who want to move forward in their your Systemic Modeling facilitation and developmental skills towards Level 1 certification. New enrollees will not be facilitating, but will be participants in the facilitated sessions and will take part in reflections as well. You will need to have read Caitlin Walker’s book and demonstrate an interest in learning what’s behind this body of work. 

As part of this 3-day hands-on workshop led by Caitlin Walker, past participants will have opportunities to lead the group in any of the following Systemic Modelling sessions. 

These include: 

  • Five Senses (introducing the Clean Questions)
  • Metaphors at Work
  • Triune Brain
  • Karpman Drama Triangle 
  • Clean Feedback, Clean Setup, Moving from Drama to the ‘Karma Cycle’ 
  • Pattern Detection
  • Running a theme of your choice. 

When you are not facilitating, you will be participating and giving feedback to other facilitators in debriefing sessions.

There’ll also be plenty of opportunity for discussion about applications and how you’ll put your learning into action. You’ll get all of the following and more from this hands-on work with expert and peer feedback. 

  • The ability to pay attention to language and behaviors at an individual and group level and to be able to use what happens in a group to help them to achieve their desired outcomes
  • More information about your own patterns of thinking, behavior, attitude and identity and how these relate to other people’s patterns
  • An understanding of the role that language, especially metaphor, plays in group thinking, and how you can utilize that to create deep sustainable change
  • The ability to detect when drama is happening within a group and the skills you need to unpack the drama and move beyond it
  • The opportunity to be part of a supportive peer group, where everyone is working together to master the art of Systemic Modeling

Between now and February 2020, participants may practice facilitation with teams and groups who are interested. To the extent you can record your facilitation experience and have Marian and Caitlin review your work, you’ll be able to advance more quickly through the program (filling the assessment criteria notebook you received, so that they can start to measure your progress towards full competency). 


Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided all three days and the event will take place at: Kelly Park, Apopka, Florida