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I received the Body Love Box free in exchange for my honest review.

As coaches and leaders, we often talk about loving ourselves enough to practice self-care and rest. Self care is even a formal track in the big agile conference now. But what we don’t often talk about is how loving ourselves include loving our bodies.

The Body Love box hits that topic head-on. The Body Love Box supports artists by paying them fairly and including them in a monthly subscription box.

I was really excited to get the chance to try out the box.

November’s box included

– A magnet with an image from Bloozchicken

– A book called “This is My Body: Women Talk About Their Relationships With Their Bodies” by June Stevens Westerfield

– A sticker from Casey Fitzgerald

– A bookmark

– A couple of coloring pages

– An illustrated card by Mia Okhi

-A Body Liberation Journal

-Truths About My Body

-An article about Lindley Ashline, the creator of The Body Box


It comes in a pretty basic cardboard box, but you know there is something exciting inside from the cute unicorn sticker on the outside.

It looks like every month there is a journal section, inviting us to question our limiting beliefs. 

This beautiful high-quality blank card was in the box. 

The box also included this really cool bookmark. 

It included a book called This Is My Body: Women Talk About Their Relationships With Their Bodies. In this book, “twenty five women share their deepest truths about their relationships with their bodies and their journeys to self-acceptance and love.”

There were several printables in the box as well. I put the “Truths About My Body” on my fridge immediately, I liked it so much.

I think my favorite thing was this sticker and I’ve got to figure out where to put it. The sticker, is an image of a woman with purple hair wearing an exercise bra and lifting small weights. It says, “I’m not here to lose weight.”